MK4 - FW 5.1.0 power panic + end of filament issue
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MK4 - FW 5.1.0 power panic + end of filament issue  

MK4 - FW 5.1.0 power panic + end of filament issue


my print used all remaining filament on spool so printer paused and ejected remaining filament from extruder. So far so good. I removed this short bit and clicked control wheel, that filament was successfully removed.

Then printer became stuck on screen that i should make sure that filament is removed. I could not skip it, no reaction on inserting new filament etc. Finally i decided that i could try restart by unplugging power cord and putting printer to power panic mode. I hoped that when printer would recover, it would ask for new filament and resume print.

However all went well except printer did not checked if filament was present and after heating up it resumed print. Fortunately i managed to squeeze filament to extruder so it grabbed it and skipped just one layer and in the end i did not have to scrap print and start over.

Is this bug known or ?? By bug i mean that printer is not checking presence of filament in extruder after power panic recovery.

Posted : 28/11/2023 11:55 pm