Still some questions about ugrading MK3S to MK4 😉
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Still some questions about ugrading MK3S to MK4 😉  

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Still some questions about ugrading MK3S to MK4 😉


So I received yesterdays' mail about upgrading to MK4. Still some questions before jumping in 😉

1/ I have a MK3S from 2020. I modified it with a Bondtech extruder and Mosquito hotend. Part of the Bondtech upgrade implied changing some extruder parts. If I upgrade to MK4, will I need to revert the extruder parts to the original MK3S parts? Or are the MK4 extruder parts different anyway?

2/ I also have an MMU2S. Am I correct I also need to upgrade it to MMU3?


3/ I also have Octoprint on a Raspberry (Octopi) with a Pimoroni display and Octodash. I've seen some mitigated feedback on Octoprint with MK4.  What are your experiences with it?

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Posted : 28/02/2024 9:12 am
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1. All the parts of the MK4 extruder are different. The only parts you will retain from your MK3S are the frame, heatbed, Y-axis frame, power supply, X and Y rods, and some linear bearings. I chose to replace my rods and bearings for the upgrade, so I had to order them separately.

2. Yes, your MMU2S will need to be upgraded to the MMU3 to work with the MK4. However, the MMU3 specific for the MK4 has not been released yet... predicted to be by the end of March.

3. I haven't used Octoprint with the MK4, so I don't have any experience.

Posted : 28/02/2024 5:30 pm
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OctoPrint works well with the MK4. I've only ever used OctoPrint, for three years with my MK3S, and now with my MK4. Currently it doesn't display progress on the LCD, but I'm never by the printer when it's printing, so it isn't an issue. And, I think it will do that at some point.

You didn't ask, but my suggestion is to sell your MK3S and buy an MK4.

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Posted : 16/03/2024 7:42 pm