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Rattling sound while printing  

Rattling sound while printing

I have a MK4 I bought pre-assembled and since I have it I noticed that when it prints and the head moves fast it starts making this rattling sound, I don't mean the regular stepper sounds. , it is like something is loose inside. The printing goes perfectly though, good quality, good dimensions,  I haven't had a single failed print since I have it but this noise is annoying and I don't think it is normal. 

I attached a video with sound so you can hear what I mean. Seek second 18.

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Posted : 29/02/2024 10:54 am
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RE: Rattling sound while printing

Somehow the video can't be seen!

Posted : 29/02/2024 9:59 pm
Mike B
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RE: Rattling sound while printing

Did you try standard "noise-related troubleshooting" - i.e. put your finger on various parts (can't really do that with the print head though) to see if the noise stops?  This could be a loose or missing screw somewhere.  I also had noise from a "waste bin" I printed and had next to the printer - it was rattling on the enclosure bottom.

Another possible diagnostic tool - hold a large (10mm or so) tube to one ear and put it close to parts to see if you can locate the source of the noise.

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Posted : 29/02/2024 10:29 pm