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Pre-Purchase Inquiry About the MK4  

Olivia Davis
Pre-Purchase Inquiry About the MK4

Dear PRUSA team and users,

I am preparing to buy a 3D printer to use with the MIRACO 3D scanner. After learning about the Original Prusa MK4, I think this machine is excellent. I have seen many people praise its usability, but the price is beyond my budget (my original budget was around $800). However, I don't mind increasing my budget if the printer performs well.

After reviewing the product information, I feel that this product is very user-friendly and can meet most printing needs. Could someone who has purchased this machine share your experience? Have you encountered any problems during use, and are these problems easy to solve?

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Posted : 21/04/2024 1:24 pm
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RE: Pre-Purchase Inquiry About the MK4

Had mine 1 year now, faultless operation, and the firmware updates have continued  to make the printer get better and better.

Posted : 22/04/2024 10:09 am
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RE: Pre-Purchase Inquiry About the MK4

I also vote yes for the Mk4. I bought an assembled version on day one which like many of the very early units did have issues. Prusa support was great and after a few tests they RMA'd the printer and sent a replacement. This newer printer hasn't had any issues at all. I also upgraded my Mk3S to a Mk4 and that printer also works flawlessly. 

Posted : 22/04/2024 4:31 pm
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Another faultless experience here - well recommended. 

I also recommend you get the kit and assemble it yourself - the guide is easy to follow (check the videos in my sig beforehand too, in order to ensure you are confident enough to do it!) and you'll save some money, and learn the in's and out's of the printer at the same time.

Use this link to get 100 Prusa Points to redeem against filament etc too 😉

MK4 Printer Kit 

MK4 Assembled

ORIGINAL PRUSA MK4 KIT - Full step-by-step video assembly guide!

>ORIGINAL PRUSA MINI+ Full video assembly guide!

Posted : 04/05/2024 7:36 pm
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RE: Pre-Purchase Inquiry About the MK4

I second the kit. You save yourself some money and you get to know the printer very well. The instructions are excellent and it's pretty straightforward to assemble.

Posted : 06/05/2024 4:50 am