Nozzle cleaning issues, failed first layer (too low)
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Nozzle cleaning issues, failed first layer (too low)  

Tim K
Nozzle cleaning issues, failed first layer (too low)

I have a fairly new factory assembled (<1 kg of filament through the printer) Mark 4 that continues to have problems printing. The printer now is not able to complete a nozzle cleaning process 60% of the time and when it completes the nozzle bangs into the bed and jumps up when doing the initial test line. The printer then starts the print so low that almost no plastic exits the nozzle  and the device makes a clicking sound. After the print is stopped and restarted the device is unable recover and the cycle starts again.

I did notice that on those occasions that the device can complete the nozzle cleaning and bed measurement process it looks like the device is unable to get proper readings. in many instances when lowering to take a measurement the print head does not move to  the next measurement to take another reading but instead takes micro steps to the side to remeasure this general area. These micro steps seem to occur 2 to 4 times for the bed level measurements as well as the ones at the front left site of the bed.

The device is now unusable again, any advice would be most helpful 

Posted : 24/05/2024 1:15 pm
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RE: Nozzle cleaning issues, failed first layer (too low)

Update to the 6.01 FW version.

Posted : 29/05/2024 9:04 am
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RE: Nozzle cleaning issues, failed first layer (too low)

Hi, in my experience, when I abort or cancel a print, the next print will have all sort of issues with the Nextruder, so I learnt to just RESET the printer before starting a new print, if the previous was aborted or failed. Latest firmware 6.0.1 claims to have solved this.

Another thing it messes up the Nextruder is.... the filament tension. I have the filament into dry boxes with long PTFE tubes to the top of the MK4, and then the filament exists and go to Nextruder. I noticed that I need to avoid that the filament is vertical straight to the Nextruder. The initial bed calibration and homing don't like to have the Nextruder being hanged/pulled up by the filament, and if this happens you may see strange behaviours, retries, and failures. I just extract manually 15 cm of filament so that if the Nextruder go to the bed, it does not need to pull the filament from the spool and apply all the force to roll the spool.


Posted : 02/06/2024 7:27 pm
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RE: Nozzle cleaning issues, failed first layer (too low)

Flash latest firmware (6.0.1) if you haven't already done so.  There were issues in 6.0.0 with the nozzle cleaning routine.

Check your nozzle installation.  Loosen the thumbscrews, make sure the nozzle is fully seated into the nextruder (refer to assembly manual), and re-tighten the thumbscrews.  If the thumbscrews are loose, the slight movement of the nozzle can cause issues during probing and nozzle cleaning.   

The "micro-steps to the side to re-probe" can be caused by loose thumbscrews, but also by filament oozing from the nozzle.  If you see filament oozing from the nozzle during the nozzle cleaning and probing, your filament may need to be dried (especially true with PETG or nylons).

Posted : 03/06/2024 9:16 pm