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Nozzle and bed heating.....  

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Nozzle and bed heating.....

Does heating the nozzle to load/unload filament still also heat the bed as well on the MK4??

Not sure why this is so - why heat the bed to load/unload filament? Surely its just the nozzle that needs heating, right? 

Seems like unnecessary power usage and extra wear on the bed heater.....

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Posted : 14/04/2023 9:40 am
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RE: Nozzle and bed heating.....

I don't have a Mk4 but on the XL it's now an option.

Posted : 14/04/2023 12:12 pm
RE: Nozzle and bed heating.....

At the MK4 there is also an option in the menu if you want to preheat also the bed when you just want to change filament. So it is up to you, what do you prefer.

Posted : 14/04/2023 1:34 pm
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RE: Nozzle and bed heating.....

I noticed that, too.

Question is where is that option to turn that off?

Posted : 04/06/2023 3:20 pm