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Ikea Lack Enclosure for MK4 Help for Settings  

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Ikea Lack Enclosure for MK4 Help for Settings


It's time to print the parts to create the "Ikea Lack" Enclosure. Please help with the slicer settings. I have downloaded all the files without the filament holders because I don't need them. I still don't understand everything. I plan to use the following: print setting: 0.20 SPEED PRUSAMENT PETG

ORIGINAL PRUSSA MK4 Iput Shaper 0.4 Nozzle

Infill: 20%


Layer height: 0.2

First layer height: 0.2

Vertical shells Perimeters: 2

Horizontal shells Solid layer: Top: 5 Bottom: 4

Minimum Shell Thickness: Top: 0.7 Bottom: 0.5

QUALITY (Slow slicing)

Detect Bringing Perimeter: On


Infill: 20%

Fill pattern: grid length on the infill anchor: 2mm

Maximum length on the infill anchor: 12mm

Top fill pattern: Monotonic Lines

Bottom fill pattern: Monotonic


Here maybe I should only change the speed of the first layer, which is by default 40mm/second?


I have chosen Prusament PETG Prusa Galaxy Black 1kg  and I don't know if I should change anything.

The slicer tells me I need braces, but I don't know if I should run them. I have not included either: brim or: skirt

The filament is new unprinted and will be in a box with silica gel during operation. I am looking for your expert opinion based on your years of experience.

Thank you in advance! 🖐️ 

Posted : 11/12/2023 12:54 pm
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RE: Ikea Lack Enclosure for MK4 Help for Settings

I just finished printing another lack enclosure with a Mk4. I used the standard 0.3mm Draft profile (no IS, in my hands I seem to have more trouble than not using IS), with 3 perimeters and 15% gyroid infill. For my first enclosure I used Grid infill and had nothing but problems, for all other ones I used gyroid. No other changes. 

Posted : 11/12/2023 9:27 pm
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RE: Ikea Lack Enclosure for MK4 Help for Settings

Thanks! Can you clarify what are the IS and non-IS issues?

Posted : 12/12/2023 9:34 am
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IS is input shaper enabled.   The MK4 profile without IS is what is meant.  

I just built one recently.  My experience. 

I downloaded the .3mf files for the 3mm inserts and used them, but changed to use my printer.   When it asked about the keeping the printer Gcode etc. after changing the printer I Discarded those settings.   If not familiar with the changes to keep/discard when using .3mf files, see my slicer notes about keeping/discarding changes when using a .3mf file. 

I used the .3mf since all the settings are in them, supports where needed or extra profiles/infil settings as needed.   

Also if using the newer version of the acrylic sheets, you dont have to print the side extensions.    Easy to miss in the build instructions. 

It printed well.  I used IS.   There is a 0.2 mm structural option when setting the layer height with the Input Shaper.   That may be the best with IS for these structural parts.   

I also added a removable top front brace.    Helps to stiffen the enclosure, especially when running the printer in the enclosure with IS enabled. 

Posted : 15/12/2023 4:10 pm
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RE: Ikea Lack Enclosure for MK4 Help for Settings

My experience with IS is that it works fine with PLA but with PETG I have run into many issues of infill getting messed up. If I manually reduce speed to 80%, it's fine so my conclusion is that default speed settings are a bit high for PETG. But obviously your mileage may vary, it's 3D printing after all, not science 😇

Posted : 15/12/2023 4:21 pm