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Early bed leveling / slow network compensation  

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Early bed leveling / slow network compensation

What does anyone think about a firmware feature to make up a little for the slow file transfer - have the printer (optionally) begin the heating and bed leveling process immediately upon start of the gcode transfer.  I don't know if all of this information necessary is in the first few bytes, but if not, a separate couple second transfer could send that info to the printer.  Then by the time heating/leveling is complete, the file would be closer to being done.  A failed transfer could just have PrusaSlicer tell the printer there's no print file coming, or the printer would time out on its own.  The leveling process is a bit slower and more thorough than before, so it seems like it makes sense (even moreso on the XL where it can take quite a bit to heat/absorb heat/level a larger surface).

Seems a "Prusa-like" feature even if in this case it's to compensate for how slow the wifi speed is.

Posted : 14/05/2023 4:38 pm
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RE: Early bed leveling / slow network compensation

A creative idea, I admit, yet I can see a lot of things that may go wrong in this sequence and I guess I'd rather they rewrite the network stack and/or use faster WiFi modules and get the basics right. 

Posted : 14/05/2023 6:53 pm
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