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Printer underground  

Sven Weidenmann
Printer underground

Should i use a heavy hard plate or is it better to have a vibration absorbing underground ?

Like the shipping box absorbing material (foam)

My priority is for best quality by normal speed. Noise is not important to reduce.


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Posted : 20/11/2023 7:37 pm
Pavel Riedl
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I use these layers:

  1. Tin shelf
  2. Bonded foam crumb
  3. Anti-vibration mat under the washing machine
  4. Concrete tile
  5. Printer

see img.


Bonded foam crumb

Anti-vibration mat under the washing machine

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Posted : 22/11/2023 9:48 am
Sven Weidenmann
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RE: Printer underground

Hi Pavel

Many thanks for your detail reply.Just to make sure i understand it correct.

The ground the printer is placed should be hard which is the Concrete tile. Quite heavy i gues, right ?

Seems to be quite enhanced.Thanks for the Fotos, it helps !

Have you tested before and after ?

Best regards



Posted : 22/11/2023 9:55 pm