Recycling Coffee machine Descale Powder
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Recycling Coffee machine Descale Powder  

Manu M
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Recycling Coffee machine Descale Powder

I have a question regarding technical chemistry.

I own several Printers (MK3, P1S, Mini) along with the corresponding filaments. Additionally, I have a coffee machine, and the water in my area is as hard as steelnozzels.

As a result, I descale my coffee machine every 6 weeks and replace the water filter. Being eco-conscious and frugal, I purchased a refillable descaling filter with granules. However, I’m not entirely sure what these granules contain—possibly silica or something similar? The product link is here, but the information isn’t clear.

My question is: If I let the old, calcified granules dry, could I use them to extend my silica beads and also use them to dry my 3D printing filament? Or am I mistaken because they serve a different purpose?

Additional context: My primary concern is whether I can use the powder I already have to keep my filament dry, similar to using silica beads. The large surface area of the granules makes them effective for drying, even though it takes quite a while. I’m not drying the filament for recycling purposes; instead, I use it to add weight to 3D prints or give a nice effect to resin coatings (using Smooth-On 3D for smoothing). My coffee machine (Dinamica Plus ECAM382.70.B) reminds me to descale it regularly due to the hard water setting. I usually use cheap descaler from Aldi or citric acid from a liter bottle (the inexpensive Surig brand, as vinegar’s strong smell bothers me, and citric acid can form insoluble carbonates under high heat). I’ve learned that I don’t need to reorder the granules. PS: My roommate has an Amway water filter (E-Spring) that doesn’t remove calcium. In my opinion, water filters (except for the lime) are unnecessary, as tap water in Germany is of excellent quality and doesn’t require filtration. I’m aware that water filters can be breeding grounds for bacteria. With the cartridge filters, at least fresh water flows through regularly, and I replace the granules as needed, which I might not have to do in the future.

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Posted : 03/07/2024 8:28 am
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RE: Recycling Coffee machine Descale Powder

Why do you need to "extend" silica beads? If you can dry these mystery granules, you can dry actual desiccant.

But anyway, these are likely an ion exchange resin. They are something fundamentally different from desiccant.

I do not know what you're trying to ask about the descale powder or what any of this has to do with adding weight to 3D prints or doing anything with resin coatings.

Posted : 09/07/2024 8:17 pm