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PrusaSlicer 2.0 extrusion issue?  

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PrusaSlicer 2.0 extrusion issue?

Hello everyone,

  I've been having problems printing a relatively straight-forward ball bearing file (  Slicing in PrusaSlicer 2.0, I get artifacts on the outer surface.  I've seen small amounts of this type of problem in other prints, but here it seems really clear.  I finally sliced the same STL in Simplify3D using the current Prusa-provided FFF  file, and the results are night and day:

PrusaSlicer 2.0 v. Simplify3D

PrusaSlicer 2.0 on top, Simplify3D on the bottom. BTW: Im not really concerned about the zits, I can tune/position those away.  It's the change between the middle of the outer shell and the edges that is perplexing me the most.  

Since these prints came from the same mk2.5s, using the same filament, about 1 hour apart, I presume it is something in the slicer that's causing the issue?  I'm printing both at 0.15mm Optimal with supports turned on, using Prusa (not Prusament) grey PLA filament.  No other setting changes have been made.  Any advice on isolating the issue further? 


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Posted : 10/06/2019 3:14 am
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RE: PrusaSlicer 2.0 extrusion issue?

Looks like a similar thread discussing unexpected wall offset changes with certain solid layers and/or part wall thickness.   Generally the conclusion was multiple things happening, but print speed is part of the problem.  Printing perimeters a lot slower...

I'd guess it looks fine in preview, but have you examined the tread region in Plicer to see if the preview is showing any stepped change in diameter?   

Posted : 10/06/2019 11:59 pm