Prusament PC Blend Carbon Fiber discontinued?
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Prusament PC Blend Carbon Fiber discontinued?  

Prusament PC Blend Carbon Fiber discontinued?

This filament has been out of stock for a long time. Now, it no longer shows up when you browse or search the store. It does still show up in Google searches, but you can't buy it. This was such a great filament. The only other similar filament I could find was Priline CFPC, but the prints came out a little rougher in texture. Also 3DXTech has some CFPC but really expensive and my experience with their filament has been extremely poor (wild tolerances, contaminants that jam, poor layer adhesion).

Posted : 04/02/2023 5:41 pm
Topic starter answered:

An update: the filament was not showing up, then it did. But it still showed out of stock. At one point it showed in-stock and I was able to order one roll only. But I received a message from customer service saying it is not available. From the last XL update, it looks like they're using this filament to produce some of the printed parts for this model, so perhaps they're reserving all of their stock for their own use.

Here's the message from CS:

Hello, I am contacting you regarding your order.

We would like to sincerely apologize, but unfortunately, we no longer have one of the filaments you ordered Prusament PC Blend Carbon Fiber Black 800g in stock. This filament will be back in stock in approximately 2-3 months. Would it be acceptable for you to exchange the filament for a different one?

Alternatively, we can offer you a refund in a form of a voucher for your next purchase or would you rather receive the payment back to your bank account? (The voucher refund is immediate, the bank refund can take up to 14 business days).

Please let us know.

We would like to once again apologize for the inconvenience.

Do not hesitate to contact us in case of any questions.

Have a nice day,

Posted : 07/02/2023 5:06 pm