Printing with TPU on a Mk3S+. Do you use retraction?
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Printing with TPU on a Mk3S+. Do you use retraction?  

Technical Ted
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Printing with TPU on a Mk3S+. Do you use retraction?

With the help of some here on this list and some other searching I'm having pretty good luck printing with Overture TPU 92a. I am currently disabling retraction based on recommendations I've seen. But, I've also seen where some have found a certain amount of retraction can be useful.

What is your experience? What retraction settings do you use? Also, if you have any other suggestions I can put into my toolbox it would be very useful to me and others!

Thanks, Ted

Posted : 26/10/2021 11:03 pm
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Retractions on for TPU on your Stock Prusa

leave your retractions on, unless you have some specific reason to turn it off, as with any material. I've seen the type of information your talking about, and in many cases it's from people that did not know just passing on what they heard, not what they know.

I use retractions even with Ninjaflex at 85A, once again retractions on unless you very specifically know they are causing a problem with a specific situation.

A typical TPU retraction length on a stock Prusa will be about 0.8mm





The Filament Whisperer

Posted : 26/10/2021 11:25 pm