Printables: Model required to post a make
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Printables: Model required to post a make  

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Printables: Model required to post a make

It appears that to post a "Make" that I must link to a "Model" on Printables.  I have some makes to share that simply work, so I don't feel right copying someone else's STL to my account as a "Model".

Question: is there a way to share a Make with a link to a model external to Printables?  What is the right way to do this?

Example: I print a Make from an STL from thingiverse.  I'd like to share with the community here - I have a JPG of the final printed object and a gcode file, but no way to share the Make, since linking to a Printables Model appears to be required.

I'm sorry if this is already answered in the forums; I didn't see a relevant answer on a quick search.

Posted : 28/11/2022 1:09 am
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RE: Printables: Model required to post a make


That's how Printables is designed. The right way is probably to post the make where the model is, that is Thingiverse in the example. Or to ask the author to publish the model on Printables.

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Posted : 28/11/2022 8:15 am
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RE: Printables: Model required to post a make

The way I think about it: The main point of Printables (like Thingiverse and other sites) is to provide a mechanism for users to find good (or at least fun) stuff to print, and for designers to share their designs with the community. It is not meant to be a venue for folks to showcase their printing prowess. The ability to post makes is a way to (in no particular order) demonstrate the printability of a model, create some measure of popularity, provide feedback to the designer, and (more recently) create a reward mechanism for designers. So just posting a make without an underlying model doesn't seem to jibe with any of these objectives. 

As @adesir suggested, it's more meaningful — especially for the designer — to associate a make with the model by posting it where the model resides.

There are also other venues—such as the Reddit subreddit r/functionalprints, to post makes of models.

Posted : 28/11/2022 1:00 pm
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