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Over Extrusion at the end of my print.  

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Over Extrusion at the end of my print.

Hey Maybe someone can help me out, I'm printing a wing end section for an rc airplane. However at the very top of my print it starts to over extruded and becomes all gummed up. My line width is set to .6 and line count set to 1 per the requirements of the plane. Retractions are set to 6.5 and priming set to .5. I've tried printing it with retractions off but still to no avail. Any suggestions are much appreciated


Posted : 08/11/2023 10:44 pm
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RE: Over Extrusion at the end of my print.

This looks more like a heat creep, try lowering hot end temperature or increasing cooling fan in the slicer settings.

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Posted : 09/11/2023 7:08 am
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RE: Over Extrusion at the end of my print.

I would suggest having a look at the min time per layer settings in the filament settings. Increase the min time and set min speed to 10 mm/s below the min time setting. 

If that doesn't help, either print two copies at the same time or reduce hotend Temp or increase cooling as KaszpiR suggested. 

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Posted : 09/11/2023 11:03 am
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Hey Thejiral, thanks your suggestion helped a lot, Thank you!

Posted : 06/12/2023 7:56 pm