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Melting bottom carriage plate  

 L Y
Melting bottom carriage plate

Has anyone figured out a work arpund or solution to prevent the bottom plate on the extruder that's closest to heater block from melting and warping from long hours of printing? I did a few 16 h prints last few days I and looked at it and aure enough it's melting and warping. Maybe print that part in a different material? Prusa prints them in petg don't they?


I'm referring to the plate that holds the bottom of extruder assembly to the lower cross bar. 

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Posted : 19/04/2024 7:19 am
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RE: Melting bottom carriage plate

I finished reprinting all my plastic parts for the MK4 in PC Blend Carbon Fiber  just yesterday... I'm quite sure that that material would be a solution to your problem.

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Posted : 19/04/2024 7:23 am
Chris Hill
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RE: Melting bottom carriage plate

I've had a silicone sock on mine from day one, but I still had some melting of the original PETG part.  I think it's worse if the heaterblock isn't oriented perfectly square.  I reprinted all the parts in ABS and I think that's had the biggest effect.  The combination of ABS, sock, and keeping the heaterblock square (e.g. with this or this) seems to have stopped it melting.


Posted : 19/04/2024 9:23 am