Layer merging / slope ironing. Would it make sense?
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Layer merging / slope ironing. Would it make sense?  

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Layer merging / slope ironing. Would it make sense?

I've been looking at a lot of videos online where people print models on FDM printers, then sand them down and finally paint them to get a smooth and clean-looking result. It's a laborious task.

So I was thinking; if I print a model on my FDM printer at 0.3 mm layer height, would it then be possible to use the nozzle to smooth the edges of each layer after it has been printed?
My thinking is that by moving the head along the edge of the layer at 0.05 increments in a stepped sloped manner for each layer that would sort of follow the outline of the 3D model from the bottom of the 0,3 mm layer to the top of the layer. It could then simulate having printed the top parts of the model at 0.05 mm instead of 0.3 mm. Sort of a complicated ironing procedure that could be enabled with a set "simulated" layer height.

It should have a 0% flow rate for the nozzle, as it would rely entirely on displacing material that is already there from the 0.3 mm layer.

Is this something that would make sense / could prove useful?

EDIT: Btw, I know this can't exactly replace the sanding and painting. I was merely thinking it as, perhaps, a nice way of making a 0.3 mm model look like it was a 0.05 mm model without the high print time. And it potentially look pretty good. Downside is it will only work on top layers obviously. But given that that is what you will mostly see when looking down on a model sitting on a table, it might be pretty useful.

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