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Forum rules, where are they?  

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Forum rules, where are they?

Hi forum mods, I posted a nicely formatted post with pictures but sadly both the pics and formatting got lost - and I now can not edit the post either.
I'm assuming it's because I haven't posted enough yet.
So where are the forum rules, I've been poking around on here but can't actually find any reference to them.

Also, when the mods are approving the post, please can they indicate why a new user can't edit the post and upload pics if they are a rookie member. Post a link to the rules would work too.

The only post I can find is this one:
where helpfully no link to the rules is actually provided. This seems weird to me.

Thanks, Antony

Posted : 22/04/2024 5:25 pm
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RE: Forum rules, where are they?

I don't think there is any listing of rules.  

Editing of posts is not available to ANYONE other than mods, except for a very brief period after posting.  As in a few minutes.  You post, and then you load your own post in to check its ok.  Then you edit before the edit period runs out so basically within 5mins.

Attaching things needs a minimum number of posts too I think.  I suspect that's around 5 posts too.  Although do be aware that many people have trouble with attaching things anyway.

When attaching the forum will allow some picture formats directly but anything else such as stl files, 3mf files etc all have to be ZIPPED up.  If you don't the forum will just silently not attach them.  No warning.  That's why you check as soon as you post.  

Easiest way to attach things like multiple pictures is to use the Add Media button, upload them to the built in library and then add them into the post from there.

Attach file only allows you to add a single file.

Oh and another common thing when editing a longish post is that the forum can annoyingly log you out as you post so you lose everything you have typed.  Its good practice to copy the text before hitting Add Reply.  I've been caught by that multiple times.

Posted : 23/04/2024 6:56 am
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RE: Forum rules, where are they?

Thanks, this is all useful information that I wish I could have looked up 🙂

Sadly it's the 'backing up' of my long post into another editor that seemed to then break the formatting. I didn't realise my editing window was so short and at the time I was more worried about the missing pictures.

Very thankful to the mod that sorted out my pictures and got them back, the post didn't make any sense without them.

Also I don't think there is a quick way to delete your own posts, so as to be able to try again.

Thanks, Antony

Posted : 23/04/2024 10:12 am