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Choosing the correct printer  

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Choosing the correct printer

I have been a proud Prusa-printer for a couple of years. I own and use on an almost daily base my trusted MK3s, which I bought as kit.
I have allready experienced some problems: Spaghetti, blobbed-nozzle, thermistors broken on the printhead and twice on the bed, and recently a blwon fuse on the board.
As I know my MK3s+ very well, it was not a big problem to repair or solve all problems.

My two sons have both a Mini which they use for school- and personal projects, howver they sometimes do switch to the bigger MK3S.

As my printer now has quite some "miles on the clock" ... and because I noticed new technologies on the horizon it became time for me to look out for a new printer.

So I was pleased when the XL was announced. I was one of the first to pre-order a multi-head XL.
I seriously hoped that this XL would not go the same way as the MK3S with serious delays which made the MK3S arrive more then a year later then originally promised.
Well ... we all know how this turned out.

In the mean time, technologies were improving seriously, time stoud not still. Input shaper is a big step forward.

Then suddenly the announcement of the MK4. This made me seriously hesitate to annul my XL-order and go for the MK4.
I sure could use the multi-head-feature in my projects but the price on the Multi-XL is high. A MK4 seems a good alternative, maybe combined with a new MMU3

But then I began comparing prices: an MK4 + MMU3 + enclosure   ... as when compared with a Bambulab X1 ...
I need to print with PC, PA ... and those are a pain with the MK3S+, even when using a big box, put over de printer.
MK4 having input-shaper-posibilities ... but as a software-solution, not with an actual movement-sensor.

I clicked into the prusa-shop ... and noticed the lead-times on MK4, MMU3, ...
I understand the reason for all these delays ... but I have now experienced now so much delays with prusa, that I can honestly no longer be confident in presented dates.
I have been waiting for my MK3S for a year, am waiting even longer for the ordered XL ...
While a bambulab-printer (or other brands) are in stock an cen be shipped within days.

Why oh why should I still choose a prusa printer??
Please, please, ... give me some pretty decent arguments for not going for a Bambulab X1 or P1P

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Posted : 01/04/2023 1:59 pm
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RE: Choosing the correct printer

New to the MK3s+ (and MMU2) but I would go for the XL.  True multi material is my reason.  I have seen some nice prints where both flex and regular filaments are printed together for clamps and other things.  I would love that ability.  Almost bought the XL as my first printer.  Sure it costs more for the extra heads to do this but the headaches should be much less.  Next printer will be mutlihead from what I have learned in my short time running my own 3D printer.

Posted : 01/04/2023 6:28 pm