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Basic gcode help!  

Paddy Davison
Basic gcode help!

Hello People!

I am very much a noob when it comes to gcode, I am currently trying to write a bit of gcode that makes the hot end travel to the middle of the bed and 150mm up then extrude for approximately 10 minutes at a constant rate of 40mm/min. I am using a Prusa mini with a bed of 180*180*180mm, and PLA with a nozzle temp of 210c.

I understand that gcode doesn't operate on a time basis, so I have converted it to the approximate length it is meant to extrude in 10 minutes ~ 400mm.

However, the code doesn't work. It homes, heats up, travels to the centre, and then stops.

Here is my code:

G28 ; auto home
G90 ; absolute positioning mode
G21 ; set to mm
M109 S210; Setting the nozzle tempreture at 210c
G0 X90 Y90 Z150; Positioning print head to the print bed center at a height of 150mm
G1 E400 F40; setting extrusion speed for 40mm/s = 2400mm/min. Approximately 24000mm in 10 minutes
M104 S0 ; turn hot end heating off
M84; turn motors off

Some help would very much be appreciated!

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Posted : 20/02/2024 3:19 pm