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Adding a pause and moving the extruder  

Jeffrey Johnson
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Adding a pause and moving the extruder

Good Afternoon,

I am relatively new to the 3D printing world, I have and Ender 5 and I want to try doing a filament change during a print.  I have done some reading and I think I have the g-code correct for what I want to do.  Can someone who has done this before please let me know if I am on the correct path.

M0 S5; pauses printing for 5 seconds

G91 Y10; move extruder 10mm on Y axis

M0 S300; pause printing for 5 min

G91 Y-10; move extruder back 10mm on Y axis


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Posted : 21/03/2023 8:58 pm
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RE: Adding a pause and moving the extruder

This question may be better answered on an ender forum, 

for the prusa colour change, we would insert an M600 command where we wanted the colour change, 
this would cause the extruder to move (Usually to the right hand side of the build plate, and  the bed to move to the rear) then the LCD would give instructions to remove the old filament and insert the new filament. 

If M600 does not work with an ender, it is possible to insert a custom code or codes using a similar process

regards Joan

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Posted : 21/03/2023 11:06 pm