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Colorado Home  

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Colorado Home

A good carpenter friend of mine retired to Colorado and asked me to draw the blueprints for his new house that he designed. I decided to 3d model it in cad and then print it as a gift to him. The model is 1/125th scale because I wanted to print all the walls in one printing on the bed. I had one small flaw in a rear window where the divide did not print all the way but overall I was happy with it. The roofs are removable so

you can see the interior walls

Posted : 03/03/2022 8:55 am
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David Westley
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RE: Colorado Home

Wow, that's really nice. Great work

Posted : 23/07/2022 8:46 am
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RE: Colorado Home

nice cottage and work 👍 



Statt zu klagen, dass wir nicht alles haben, was wir wollen, sollten wir lieber dankbar sein, dass wir nicht alles bekommen, was wir verdienen.

Posted : 23/07/2022 11:57 am
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RE: Colorado Home

Excellent work, Skipper!

That would make a great model railroad building if you would please consider releasing the .stl files.  (*Hint*)  😉

Posted : 23/07/2022 12:07 pm
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Looks like he made shedding of snow a real design priority; just the one small area with valleys on the one section of roof.  I assume he's going with metal?

Posted : 26/07/2022 3:18 am
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RE: Colorado Home


Posted : 09/08/2022 4:26 pm