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Box buse e3d V6  

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Box buse e3d V6




Box to store 9 E3D V6 printer nozzles. Printed in place without assembly .The marking is made with an inclusion during printing, a version without is also available for printers without the possibility of pausing during printing.  The lid is lockable. The nozzles are fixed by a screw thread, just a quarter turn to fix or unfix the nozzle Designed on Fusion 360 and printed on Prusa Mini

Layer 0.2 mm

infill 10 %

sans support 

pause at  2 mm  for insert plaque  1

pause at 10.4 mm  for insert plaque 2

Boitier buse E3D V6 par Amigagoma

Posted : 17/08/2022 12:06 pm