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Using Enclosure with MK3 printer  

Angela Fortin
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Using Enclosure with MK3 printer

I am a librarian in charge of our library's 3d printing program. We had a Prusa i3 MK3 printer donated to our library. We have purchased the Original Prusa Enclosure for our printer. 

Since our printer is a MK3 and not a MK3S or MK3S+, the FS cover included in the enclosure kit does not fit on the extruder. 

Will simply leaving the existing FS cover in place and not installing the PTFE tube be OK? 

Is anyone else using the Original Prusa Enclosure with a MK3 printer?  Are there any other potential difficulties I should watch for? In reviewing the instructions, the FS cover was the only thing that stood out to me. 

Posted : 29/11/2022 10:34 pm
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RE: Using Enclosure with MK3 printer

The best is to chat with support via e-shop chat. They will certainly help you. 

even an old man can learn new things 🙂
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Posted : 30/01/2023 3:31 pm
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RE: Using Enclosure with MK3 printer

It should work without FS cover that included - as long as you don't install Filament Guide. 

MK3 is oldest printer of MK3 and right now it's MK3S+ - but you can upgrade from MK3 to MK3S+ (as I did with my first MK3). Upgrade to MK3S+ and the FS Cover will fit in it. 

As Zoltan said to contact customer support. 

Posted : 02/02/2023 5:42 pm