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Y Axis Not Moving at All  

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Y Axis Not Moving at All

I purchased a Prusa Mini and used it one time. It was working perfectly and  then in the middle of the print, it stopped moving in the y-direction. I opened the box with the wires and checked the wiring. I replugged the wires back in to make sure everything was connected. I tightened the bands, but nothing is working. Self tests for the y-axis keep failing because it’s not moving at all. I’m not sure if it’s even registering a connection to the y-axis motor. I can’t even move the bed manually without feeling like I’m going to break it. 

please help! 

Posted : 22/01/2022 9:49 pm
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RE: Y Axis Not Moving at All

Take this to Prusa support.  Either the MB has suffered a failure or the Y axis servo has, in either case they can give you the best advice and can be prepared to send you a replacement.



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Posted : 23/01/2022 12:34 am