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Wear on belts  

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Wear on belts

Hi everyone,

So I noticed something about the printer yesterday - some wear on the side of the belts (lighter brown on the sides of belt):

Now I assume this should not happen. It does not seem to be much but still. I also realize that the belts may be a bit loose, allowing them to shift back and forth, hitting the walls, but I'm not sure. I looked while printing yesterday but at that moment I could not see it coming into contact with any walls..

I have never re-tightened the belt after the first assembly so maybe they can stretch a little over time? They might also have been a bit too loose from the start (I was very careful to not over-tight them) but the self-test pass.

So my question: Has anyone seen this before and do you know why it happens? Does it sound plausible that it is just the belt tension?

Thank you everyone!

Posted : 17/10/2022 11:02 am
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Make your next print this:

It MUST be printed in Prusament PETG or the spring tension will be wrong.


Check the belt is running straight on the drive pulleys - check the pulleys are fitted the right way around (see assembly manuals.)

Check the idler pulleys are not clogged, out of line, or damaged (loosen the belts and try turning them with your fingertip, are they smooth?)

Retighten the belts using the tension meter.



Posted : 17/10/2022 12:33 pm
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Topic starter answered:

Ah of course there is something to help - that can be printed!

Thank you so much for the help, I will report back after testing! (need to order prusament though)

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Posted : 17/10/2022 12:41 pm