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Nozzle drops  

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Nozzle drops


My MK3s started to leave drops from nozzle at each calibration points (in fact extruding slowly PLA which forms those small drops on the bed). Not a serious issue but to avoid any interference with printed object, I am to clean those drops between last calibration point and print start. 
I have tried to lower temperature (from 215 to 205) without success.

any thought ??

(PLA is from Prusa) / see picture 

thanks in advance for sharing your tips 

best / Mike

Posted : 26/01/2021 6:26 pm
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RE: Nozzle drops

You're posting in the Mini forum, so may not see a lot of responses. An easy fix is to implement a 2-step nozzle warmup.

1. Pre-heat the nozzle to a no-ooze temperature. 160C is what I use.

2. Heat the bed to printing temperature.

3. Perform mesh bed leveling.

4. Heat the nozzle to final print temperature (this is where oozing can occur).

5. Print prime line to trap any ooze.

6. Continue print.

I've got a documented example you can check out here (though I've made recent edits that need testing, YMMV). Prusa has actually implemented this in the Mini start gcode, but hasn't done it for the Mk3 series yet.

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Posted : 26/01/2021 8:14 pm
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RE: Nozzle drops


Sorry for posting in the wrong area 

interesting to hear about your experience and smart solution. I’ll give it a try.
Hopefully your mod will soon be implemented to MK3 as week.

@moderator : relocating this post in the right place ?

best / Mike 

Posted : 27/01/2021 12:43 pm