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[Solved] No Printing Success  

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No Printing Success

Out of the box I had issues.  Initially at .000 my nozzle was too close resulting in failed cal and a clogged nozzle.  Checked the sensor and it appeared to be too high.  Lowered it according to PRUSA videos and this resolved my issue and my cal was great.  Started printing the PRUSA logo and initial layer is excellent.  When it starts the 2nd layer the extrusion seems to slip and fails to feed properly at a higher feed rate resulting in a failed print during the second layer.  I have taken apart the extruder body as in the knowledge base and cleaned the gear but did not see the level of material that would cause such extensive slipping during a fast feed.  My feed through the tubes do not exhibit any resistance through the clamp rings, I am at a loss as to what is the issue.  I have read about the hose length but can not find the information or videos regarding this.  The only hose I have is a very short tube.  This is day three with this printer, any help would greatly be appreciated, this is my first printer, my 7 year old is driving me mad but I don't think you can assist with that short of me fixing this out of box issue.

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Posted : 13/06/2020 4:41 pm
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RE: No Printing Success

I did not see what tube specifically that was suppose to resolve the print issue until I removed the fitting to the nozzle and realized there was a tube in there.  In fact, just 2 mm in additional length does make a difference with the binding issue in the feed.

Posted : 13/06/2020 6:10 pm
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RE: No Printing Success

This video helped me with this issue

And be careful with tightening the screw under the first tube tube going in the extruder. Let it it very loose and try to move the exruder gear by hand. Is should go quite lightly. Otherwise the gear will flatten the filament and it will not go through the tubes.

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