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First print issues  

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First print issues

How you all doing. I just join the party my Prusa mini + came in yesterday. i just have few questions.

I had a issue getting the tube into the Filament Sensor. I had to loosen the middle screw to be able to get it all the way in. I was able to get the filament to side is the tube easy but at then point were the 2 tube touch in the sensor its a bit hard . but once pass it. it moves easy. But when i loaded the filament i had to hit load twice as the first time it didn't make it to the hotend and purge anything its to like 80% there. its this normal?

Also I ran thru the set up and and adjusting the print bed height. Im not too sure how to get the right level. I think i have it too low. I was able to get it stick to the bed and look ok at the test. but i did the Prusa logo as the first print and the first layer was very stringy but the rest of the print was great. see attach photo of the back. Is it too low?

Also the M.I.N.D.A. Probe i saw another unboxing video how can i tell if its the right Height. But look close the bed but mine is black and looks thinner and longer then the one in the video talking about the issue?


Thanks for any help

Posted : 14/04/2021 6:38 pm