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First layer (extrusion?) issues, HELP!  

ollie zissou
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First layer (extrusion?) issues, HELP!

Hello! I’ve had my Prusa Mini for a while now and it’s created some almost prefect prints, it’s a great little printer!

Recently my first layers have had gaps, blobs or generally inconsistent results, which seems to mostly occur around the start and end of extrusion.

I’ve been running a few print tests with different models, most of which I’ve printed many times before without issue, using the default Prusa settings, and Prusa filament.. I just can’t seem to solve this problem.

See images below:

Any thoughts would be very welcome?

many thanks, Ollie

Posted : 24/09/2022 3:44 pm
RE: First layer (extrusion?) issues, HELP!
  1. Check your print temperatures.  You might be printing too cool for the filament.  
  2. If not, you might have a partial jam or block.  Try a cold pull.  

Chuck H
3D Printer Review Blog

Posted : 28/09/2022 10:33 am