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Easy X & Y squaring  

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Easy X & Y squaring

Dear all,

after dissassembling my MINI for a full service in preparation of the next firmware, I had to square the X & Y axes again and was thinking: why not to use the skewed angle to fight the skew? The method is decribed on printables: XY squaring tool . It is quite simple: you just need a square and to print the tool. It worked pretty well for me and avoids the "print-check-set" repetitions I had to use the last time.

But I wonder:

  - Is the problem still present in the new MINIs?

  - Does anybody have a clue on the origin of the problem? I've checked all the printed parts, possible assembly errors, etc.., and found nothing wrong...

I hope this can help someone; happy printing!

Posted : 19/11/2023 8:30 am