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Simplest Way to Power Mini Enclosure Fan and Lights  

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Simplest Way to Power Mini Enclosure Fan and Lights

I’ve got a server cab I’m using as an enclosure for my mini. I got some handy help from mark in another post (thanks!). Now I want to add a 12V fan + some LED lights, also 12V. I’m a complete rookie when it comes to electronics so am wary of doing stuff that will risk me breaking/blowing things up.

Any pointers on what I can do to power the fan/lights? I’m happy to pay a little more to get something off the shelf in order to minimise the amount of wiring etc I have to do (mainly due to fear of damaging something or worse). I’ve got octoprint running so I’m hoping to use the enclosure plug-in to control stuff and maybe knock up my own plugins.

Love the activity/helpfulness of this forum!

Posted : 21/03/2022 7:49 pm