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Prusa Mini as XYZ glue applicator  

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Prusa Mini as XYZ glue applicator

Hi Guys,

I'm working on a project for someone who wants to automate folding gifts made out of paper. I figured out how to do the folding as quickly as possible, but now im looking for a solution to automate the glueing. I had this idea in mind where a 3d Printer could be loaded with glue of some kind and spread it in any pattern. Based on an DXF for example. I found some machines online which can do this job but most of them are from sketchy Chinese manufacturers. Anyone any ideas for glue filament or glue extruders? The machine has to glue flat patterns so no moving in the Z-axis.

Thanks in advance

Posted : 12/05/2022 7:22 am
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Look up any of the mods for 2D drawing.

If you are using stick glues these might be enough but otherwise you will need to make a controllable extruder; something based on a syringe driver should be OK.

The nearest I have got to this is 'writing' PVA glue lines for glitter sprinkling on cards.


Posted : 12/05/2022 10:46 am
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