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How I fixed spurious Y-axis crashes  

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How I fixed spurious Y-axis crashes

It seems some of us printing higher-temp filaments such as ASA, PC etc have been experiencing spurious Y-axis crashes when there were none. It seems to be correlated to heat, so I decided to insulate the heated bed and LMU8 bearings with aerogel. I bought some Rova Flex 25x25cm and they were almost a perfect fit for the heated bed. Just needed a little trimming with a sharp pair of scissors.

Build plate resting on aerogel 

For the bearings I cut the aerogel into 25x55mm strips and wrapped them. 

LMU8 bearing wrapped in aerogel 

They were a tight fit back into the brackets, and some of it broke down, but so far it seems to work. No more phantom Y-axis crashes. Hope this tip might prove useful to others.


Posted : 26/07/2021 1:08 am
Just on Heatbed

i'm going to try it just on my heatbed because i don't have enough aerogel on hand for the bearings. Hopefully it will be enough to fix it.

Posted : 10/09/2021 12:04 am