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Buddyboard Fan  

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Buddyboard Fan

Has anyone figured out how to mod the buddy board to add a cooling fan to cool the buddy board? 

I'm thinking it would be good to add a 40mm 5V fan to the buddy board case to help cool the parts for very long prints, but i'm not sure if its best to drive such a fan off a 5V on the buddyboard somewhere, or add another 5V reg (probably a Recom potted jobby) and drive it off that.  

Suggestions and recommendations strongly appreciated. 


Posted : 11/07/2021 11:02 am
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RE: Buddyboard Fan

This guy had an idea of how you can mount one.

Posted : 11/07/2021 9:46 pm
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That looks good

That is perfect, Thanks @abacabie 😀 

Posted : 15/07/2021 7:24 am
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RE: Buddyboard Fan

I was thinking about the same but then found this official statement :

"The Buddy board is designed and built to sustain considerable heat. It does not need any cooling even if the printer is in an enclosure."

Posted : 23/12/2021 5:31 am