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Bondtech mini heatbreak PTFE tube length  

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Bondtech mini heatbreak PTFE tube length


I installed the Bondtech heatbreak according to the instructions, but I got horrible underextrusion in the test prints. Temperatures were just fine, and I double checked against the installation guide.

I wished to install the Bondtech heatbreak, because I’ve noticed the PTFE darkening and print quality slightly degrading with it.

When I reinstalled the original heatbreak, I noticed the PTFE tube is sticking out considerably more, and tightening the lower fitting feels like the PTFE actually touches it. When installing the Bondtech provided tube, it did not feel like the tube touched the fitting.

What length of PTFE tube you have used when installing the Bondtech heatbreak? The kit came with a 35.5mm tube (measured). I suspect that is too short.

Posted : 01/11/2021 6:11 pm
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It should be 36mm (chamfer on both sides).

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Posted : 01/11/2021 8:10 pm
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RE: Bondtech mini heatbreak PTFE tube length

I've installed the tube that came with the Bondtech heatbreak. No issues so far.

Posted : 16/11/2021 2:29 pm