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Beagle Cam V2 - Clean timelapse doesn't work  

Beagle Cam V2 - Clean timelapse doesn't work

Hello everyone,

I just got a Beagle Cam V2 mainly in order to create clean timelapse videos of my prints.

Everything is set up according to the manual and printing works all fine, both through the app and the web browser interface.

However despite the settings I am not getting a clean timelapse video in the end but a normal timelapse video, which means the printer doesn't park in the designated position in between layers. Since the homing button brings the printer head to the front right in the picture below, I chose x,y = 150,150 to bring the plate to the front and the printer head to the left.

Does anyone here have experience with the combination of Beagle Cam V2 and the Prusa Mini+ and know about this issue?

Do I need to change anything in the slicer? Didn't find any specific comment on that and just used the normally sliced gcode.

Thanks alot in advance!


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Posted : 16/11/2023 7:52 am