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Platsa enclosure + PSU temperature  

David Elentok
Platsa enclosure + PSU temperature


I just got my MK4 and I'm planning to put it inside an IKEA PLATSA enclosure (dual PLATSA, the bottom part houses my Prusa Mini+),
The Prusa Mini has an external PSU so it was easy to place it outside the enclosure to prevent it from heating up.

I'm wondering what to do about the MK4:

  • The PSU is attached to the printer so I would have to buy/prepare extension cables for it (maybe this)
  • The PSU is being used as support for the Z-axis, so I'll need to design and print a replacement part for support (I couldn't find an existing design)

I thought that an alternative might be to add fans to the enclosure itself to lower the temperature inside.

I'm mostly printing with PLA, sometimes with PETG (very little) and I might try TPU someday.

Any recommendations?



Posted : 16/08/2023 6:28 pm
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RE: Platsa enclosure + PSU temperature

If you vent the enclosure to keep the temperature below 40C, the PSU *should* be fine (actually, I think Prusa recommends max 38C).  Cooler is always better. 🙂  But air blowing across the print could cause issues even with PLA and PETG, so the direction and intensity of airflow should be considered in your venting design.  If you expect to print ABS or ASA, I recommend putting the PSU outside the enclosure for sure.

The Prusa Original Enclosure includes a support bracket to stiffen the frame when the PSU is removed.  It is not separately listed as a "spare part" in the web shop, but you might check with Prusa support to see if it can be special ordered.  If making your own, a good starting point would be the dimensioned drawing of Prusa's design on the enclosure Github.

The enclosure quick-release cables and kit currently in the web shop are for the MK3.  They are not fully compatible with the MK4 (difference in powerfail connection, I think).  I am still waiting for the "mk4 version" of the quick-connect kit, which customer support has said should be available "end of summer".  There is also a thread here discussing a workaround, just an extra cable I believe, so searching the forum might help if you don't want to wait.


Posted : 17/08/2023 7:59 pm
RE: Platsa enclosure + PSU temperature

Hi! Take a look at the Lack enclosure project (, that explains how to deal with the PSU (yes, it has to go outside of the enclosure).

As per the replacement to maintain stiffness of the frame, I have printed this replacement:

Posted : 06/09/2023 2:58 pm