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Filament Guide  

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Filament Guide

My MK4 gave me the idea of a filament guide, and it is a great idea.  As many of you have experienced, sometimes a new roll will allow the filament to slip off to the side of the roll and jam up the printing.  The MK4 has a guide, but it is screwed on (so not movable) and needs a Teflon sleeve because it is so high that there is a very sharp bend to the filament when a roll is nearly finished. 

So, I designed a guide that has a few improvements:

1)  It slides on the roll-holder arm onto the ribs to whatever height you need

2)  It has a slot in it so you can feed or un-feed the filament through the eyelet at any time

3)  When a smallish part is being printed, the angle the filament passes through is very slight, so no Teflon sleeve is needed.

Since the MK3 and 4 both use the same roll holder design, it works on both machines.

It is loaded in Thingiverse at:


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RE: Filament Guide

Its awesome! thanks

Posted : 11/10/2023 9:48 pm