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Enclosure: Breathing mask for the PSU?  

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Enclosure: Breathing mask for the PSU?

If I make my custom enclosure, rather than go the hassle of  dismounting the PSU, would it be possible to put on the PSU a sort of 'breathing mask', with hoses for air in and out? The enclosure will be located next to the manifold of the house mechanical ventilation system, a fan running 24/7, so air circulation can be guaranteed.   

Do you know of anyone doing this before? Is there a template design of such a mask? 

Posted : 01/12/2023 2:46 pm
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I have not seen a cooling project for the PSU,  There is one of the Buddy board.  See theMK4 board cooling for a Lack or custom enclosure and the remix for details on using it in a Prusa Enclosure. 

Mounting the PSU outside the enclosure I believe is simpler than other options.   I would recommend adding a quick disconnect.  I used Deutsch 8 Pin Connector Kit with 16 AWG wire.     Just have to solder and tape 14 joints.  I leave out the weatherproofing seal so it is easier to disconnect. 

  Open the picture to see it all. 

Posted : 09/12/2023 3:22 pm