Feeding Into the Enclosure from Two Dryers
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Feeding Into the Enclosure from Two Dryers  

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Feeding Into the Enclosure from Two Dryers

I kind of like those 2-color models, especially for printing embossed text in a different color than the main part. Yet it bothers me that I always have to pull the entire Filament out of my Bowden tubes, make sure that I grab the springy bastard when doing that and then change the spool in the dryer. Well, we do have 3D printers, so we can find a solution for that, can't we?

What I did was to create a plug for the top center hole in the enclosure that has two PTFE tubes coming in and one going out at the bottom to feed another tube right to my MK4's extruder:

The whole thing can be found at Printables, of course: https://www.printables.com/model/629124-dual-bowden-merger-feed-through-for-the-prusa-encl

The part does work just as I expected it to, but from time to time I get some noise from it because the Filament rubs against the walls of the filemant channel. I guess I can remedy that by using a little fine-grained sandpaper to smooth the channel out, but right now I am simply too lazy to do that. 😉

Posted : 28/10/2023 1:18 pm