When a system preset is updated. What happens?
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When a system preset is updated. What happens?  

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When a system preset is updated. What happens?


If you create a profile A based on a system preset (alpha version), will the new profile A be updated if the system preset gets new/changed properties?

I.e does profile A have references to system preset or is it a copy by value?

If profile A gets new/changed properties when the system preset is updated, is there any possibility to "freeze" the system preset of a given version?

I wish to keep an identical profile A regardless of what happens in the current system preset. The profile works so well 🙂

Thanks in advanced

Posted : 26/09/2023 6:09 pm
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If you have a system preset , let’s for example say it has settings A-Z, and you make a copy with setting C changed, then your new profile just contains setting C. It takes the rest from the system one, ie it’s dependent on it. 
If Prusa update the system one to change setting A and setting C then your copy will use the new system A but your changed C will still be used as that’s defined in your copy. 

If you want a frozen non changeable copy you have to use the Detach from system preset button and then save it. When detached all the settings are copied and you break the dependency. 

It’s why I detached all the ones I use as I don’t want unanticipated changes. 

Posted : 26/09/2023 6:23 pm
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RE: When a system preset is updated. What happens?

Thanks Neophyl. 👍 

Spot on. I just found the "Detach from system preset" button.

All set. 


Posted : 26/09/2023 6:28 pm