Travel time is 3x slower than Cura
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Travel time is 3x slower than Cura  

Rodrigo Lopez Arechiga
New Member
Travel time is 3x slower than Cura

Hi, im starting to use prusa, and i been crating my profiles as close as posible to my cura profile, and even though i have managed to make prusa to use same or less material, i have noticed that pieces that do a lot of travel moves, it takes 3x more time in prusa than in cura.


I cant pinpoint what could be creating this since i already copied almost 1:1 my setttings from cura, this using Elegoo neptune 3 and Neptune 3 pro.

For example one piece (one of those articulated dragons) in prusa takes 43 minutes of travel, while in Cura only takes 17 minutes.



Posted : 26/03/2023 7:52 am