Surface defects 1st layer problem
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Surface defects 1st layer problem  

Surface defects 1st layer problem

Hi guys, first time posting, so forgive me if I do something wrong.

I'm working on a model on Fusion 360 and I exported as a step file to use on prusa slicer, but I'm having a problem with adjusting the settings to get the 1st layer right.

The main problem is that I'm having gaps between the infill and perimeter. I'm using archmedian chords as a pattern witch in my experince is prone to having having gaps on both the start and the end since it print like a spiral, but I need to use it for the asthetics of it. Usually I'm able to close those gaps by adjust some parameters, but this time I'm having gaps before the end of the infill, and when I looked closer on the model it has some defects on the same places that the filament is failing. You can see on the pic below, some triangles where it should be a fillet. 

On fusion, the model looks ok, I even reimported the exported step file to fusion and there are no problems. 

As anyone experienced something like this before? Any solutions?

I'm thinking maybe the slicer is having problems converting the step file. Let me know if it would help to give some more details.

Posted : 26/05/2023 9:46 am
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Please save your project as a .3mf file

Files > Save Project as

Zip the .3mf and post it here. It will contain both your part and your settings for us to diagnose.


Posted : 26/05/2023 10:24 pm