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Support For Multiple Fans  

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Support For Multiple Fans

I am running a printer with two hotend fans (1 for cooling hotend, other for part cooling) I can only use of them without changing the firmware and screwing up my workflow. 

Is it possible to have a setting which allows the part cooling fan to be the second one

Ex. M106 S105 would turn my heat break cooling fan to 105, but I would like to control the part cooling fan.

I would need M106 P1 S105 to control my part cooling fan. 

This feature works with Cura, but Ideally, I would like to use PrusaSlicer because the Face shield 3mfs don't work in Cura.

I'd love some help!



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Posted : 11/05/2020 6:53 am
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RE: Support For Multiple Fans

Swap the fan connectors?

Posted : 11/05/2020 11:38 am