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Revert to 2.6 PS from 2.7  

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Revert to 2.6 PS from 2.7

Is there a way to revert Prusaslicer 2.7 back to 2.6? I don't want to flash firmware right now. I know I asked in the general announcement but wanted to make sure my post was seen. Thank you

Posted : 03/12/2023 7:45 pm
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RE: Revert to 2.6 PS from 2.7

You can download, install, and run any version you'd like. And you can have multiple versions installed at the same time. Just make sure you run the correct executable for the version you want if you have multiple.




Posted : 05/12/2023 10:50 am
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RE: Revert to 2.6 PS from 2.7

While you can run any version you like the issue with that is the config files for releases and RC versions are all in the same place.  Once the config has been upgraded by a newer version you will often find issues going back to an earlier version.  When you try and run it will come up with a warning about some items in the configuration folder are not recognized.  If you choose reconfigure then it will want to take you through the setup wizard again.

Of course there are ways around that.  You can run every version with a modified startup batch file that defines where it looks for its configuration data.  That allows you to run sandboxed versions and is what I do when comparing different versions. 

You could also revert to a previous Configuration snapshot using the Configuration>Configuration Snapshot function as long as theres one from 2.6.  If there is one, revert to that from 2.7, shut down PS2.7 and then run the 2.6.x exe 

It is good practice to regularly run Configuration backups using File>Export>Configuration Bundle (or bundle with physical printers).  That will save out all your customised profiles.  But ONLY the customised profiles.  The bundles are basically ini files.  You can use Import Bundle to restore them to a system.  They are also handy to configure other machines with your settings.  They are good as they can be stored externally and backed up in case of complete computer rebuilds for example.  You can get the system ones back by running the configuration wizard of course.  

I regularly export before doing an update in the PS version.  While PS does create its own Config Snapshots now (it didnt used to) I still like the security of a separate backup.   

Posted : 05/12/2023 5:49 pm
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RE: Revert to 2.6 PS from 2.7

Thank you guys! I got it uninstalled and old PS installed. It still wanted to output bgcode but I took the b off and it is fine now. I was just worried about my machine file for octoprint and the few profiles I had set up and didn't want to lose. Well ran about  8 prints with no issues so I think it'll be fine.

Posted : 08/12/2023 5:31 am