Raft in PrusaSlicer like you get in Cura
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Raft in PrusaSlicer like you get in Cura  

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Raft in PrusaSlicer like you get in Cura

I started out using Cura and have since moved over to PrusaSlicer ("PS").  Loving PS over Cura with one exception.  I really miss the rafts that  I was able to get in Cura.  In Cura you could get 1-2 good solid layers and make the raft extend out as big as you want it.  This is great for making tall thin builds, like the Mandalorian chest armor.  However, in PS I cannot get good rafts.  Even when I select rafts and say set them at 4 layers, they are VERY thin layers.  They seem much thinner than the .2 I have it set at.  4 layers at .2 should be .8, but it is not that.  

Am I doing something wrong?  Anyone have some ideas on setting to change to make the rafts more like Cura?  

Thank you!

Posted : 14/05/2021 2:05 am
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RE: Raft in PrusaSlicer like you get in Cura

I'm afraid I'm not familiar with how Cura does things but I haven't needed any rafts to print any Mando armour yet.  Admittedly its been Din Djarin style plates so far rather than Boba style but just using supports and a brim have worked perfectly so far.

On other things that have been tall and thin though you can easily create extra base support where ever you want it.  Place your model as usual on the plate and then right click and use Add Part and choose a shape, usually box or cylinder.  That adds a part but to your existing object rather than placing a separate part.  This means they will slice without problems if overlapped.  You can then scale your new part to the layer height and size you want, say 0.6mm high for 3 layers at 0.2.  Place it to the bed and move it where you want and your print then has a psuedo brim thats as thick as you want it and only where you want it.

Its a common technique to create 'mouse ears' using a single layer height for pointy bit that may warp but you can expand them to support whatever you want.  With a bit of finicky placement you can also use the same technique to create upright supports.  I've dont that on thin frames to add cross ways support and they break off easily if done right.

Save your project from PS (File>Save project As).  This will save a .3mf file.  The 3mf will contain the model and all your settings as well as modifiers, etc.  Then zip it up and attach it to a post here (must be zipped for the forum to accept it).  We can then take a look at what you are working with and make better suggestions.

Posted : 14/05/2021 7:28 am
RE: Raft in PrusaSlicer like you get in Cura

Supports appear to have issues for most in PrusaSlicer.  I use modified settings from @Bobstro but they are not perfect.  I do not use rafts often but suspect that the issue is similar.  I do not Prusa is working on supports.  Hopefully, rafts will also improve.  

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Posted : 14/05/2021 9:37 am
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RE: Raft in PrusaSlicer like you get in Cura


Funny you posted what you posted because I actually tried what you recommended night before I read you post this morning.  I created a slab, stretched it to the size I needed, made it .6 thick, put the model on top and bam, raft is made. Thanks for validating the idea and confirming that will work. 

A question I have is, how do I get the parts to lay flat on the bed.  For example, when I made the slab, I had to eyeball it on the build plate, the Z on the build plate should have been 0.0 but when I had it on the plate it was something like -2.75.  Why would zero be in the air? 

Also, once I have the base down is there a way to then automatically have the piece I am building set directly on top of that without also having to eyeball it? 


Posted : 14/05/2021 3:00 pm
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Raft in PrusaSlicer like you get in Cura

Have you made any head way with this? I just started running PETG on my Prusa we use a Raised 3D unit at work and it builds rafts under the parts. Absolutely love the finish from it also makes printing easier.  

Posted : 07/10/2021 4:07 pm
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RE: Raft in PrusaSlicer like you get in Cura

Just found this thread, sounds interesting.


What I don't get is that if you 'add a part', will it not simply be fused to the part on top off it?  I didn't see anything that would change the print settings for this new part, so it just sounds like you are adding a solid base to a part.

Posted : 29/05/2023 5:59 pm