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Prusaslicer question  

Prusaslicer question

Hello, I plan on printing shelving for 28mm miniatures, and don't know anything about 3D modeling... Yet. So, is there a way in the slicer to increase the z dimension of just the tip of this model and preserve the x,y, & z dimensions of everything below the green line? My Google Fu has failed me, thanks for your help!!

geometry dash subzero

geometry dash subzero
Posted : 19/06/2024 7:16 am
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RE: Prusaslicer question

no not that I am aware of!

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Posted : 19/06/2024 8:04 am
Walter Layher
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RE: Prusaslicer question

You could use the cut tool to cut it into parts (not objects!) at the desired spot, then scale just the part you want. Cutting into parts lets the resulting parts keep their position, cutting into objects will put them both on the print bed, which makes joining at the correct position a lot more difficult. After scaling the top part in z-direction you will perhaps have to move it a bit higher, because the scaling extends the part in the downward direction also. It is best to use the part manipulation controls in the panel on the right for moving, not the mouse, because moving with your mouse is very imprecise. Moving the part via entering values for movement is very exact and the move happens in just the direction you specify. You should check the slicing preview before printing. Re-Merging is not possible with parts, but if the position is correct, the model will be printing the same as if merged from objects, so no superfluous perimeters or top/bottom layers.

Posted : 19/06/2024 8:51 am