prusa slicer additional filament profile / presets
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prusa slicer additional filament profile / presets  

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prusa slicer additional filament profile / presets


while experimenting with some silk filaments to reach an authentic metal look i really ask myselfe if there is a additional exchange database of user beta filament profiles /settings /experience for prusa slicer [prusa mini] ? do we all really have to do the same work and filament waste again ?



Opublikowany : 29/09/2022 7:23 am
RE: prusa slicer additional filament profile / presets

There used to be one, but I think the website is gone now.  

This is as close as I could find:

Chuck H
3D Printer Review Blog

Opublikowany : 29/09/2022 10:14 am
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RE: prusa slicer additional filament profile / presets

@cwbullet thx !!! this would be what i need, a pitty that the database is old 

this database as interactive user excange daterbase kind of wiki system would be awesome

Opublikowany : 29/09/2022 10:37 am
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As Chuck said, there was one, and now there isn't. 

One obvious problem is curation. Slicers change all the time, new features get added, and others go away. So in no time what once was a useful profile becomes pointless unless the creator or someone keeps updating it. Add to that that I trust previously few people to produce a great profile in the first place. 

I'm not against the idea at all, I've just been around for too long, in this community and in the curated database world, to have any hope for a resource like this to meet my expectations for quality. 

Opublikowany : 29/09/2022 12:09 pm
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RE: prusa slicer additional filament profile / presets

hi fuchser, thanks for advise again!

i really understand your argument and experience.
But - when i look at printables and the mass of makes and comments of users/makers who fixed thair filament issues it´s hard to believe that the experiences are slower than the curation of software and hardware developement. 

Some main Parameters like  temperature, speed, retract, ... etc.pp. stay pretty much the same depending on different extruder types over time, isn´t it?

So maybe there is at least a parameter collection anywhere instead of complete slicer profiles ?
Sorry that i won´t give up finding this mystic secret database ;O)


@prusa maybe it would be cool to add fields for filament and parameters in the "makes" section at printables

Opublikowany : 29/09/2022 1:13 pm
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RE: prusa slicer additional filament profile / presets

Temperature depends on the printer, the nozzle type used as a modifier for what the manufacturer 'recommends'.  Those recommendations are also based on their testing with at most 1 or 2 printers so take those with a grain of salt too.  Flow rates depend on the throughput, which depends on the extruder type, heater cartridge efficiency/capabilities as well as the feed gears etc.  Retraction depends on the filament feed mechanism too, same with the speeds of retraction and detraction. 
You would think that even limiting it to a single printer type, say the MK3 that you could, but then there's environmental factors to add in too.  Is it cold, warm, over hot ?  Is the humidity high ?  Are there drafts, aircon ?  Is it a MK3 or a MK3s lol.  You are using a mini so a lot of the advice from a MK3 user might actually be counter productive.  The list goes on.

Basically there's general stuff and advice which is what you see posted anyway but by the time you learn what those are for your setup you don't need anyone else's settings.  You have that most valuable of things - experience.

Opublikowany : 29/09/2022 2:26 pm