Permanent High Strength Organic Supports
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Permanent High Strength Organic Supports  

Permanent High Strength Organic Supports

I have a project I'm working on, a clamshell that snaps over an existing product, attached to the product body at two equilateral attachment points and fastened by nuts&bolts.

I have my two attachment points sorted out, but i've been struggling with the geometry of the overall clamshell that hugs the product.

I was thinking, what if I just brought my two attachment points into prusa slicer, imported the existing product and set as a support blocker, and then paint on some organic supports and just let the trees grow to form the clamshell body.

I want the organic supports to be very strong, high density, and 100% infill.

There was some good slicer settings info in some entries in the Prusa organic supports contest:

Does anyone have any recommendations or resources they can point me towards to figure out the ideal methods and slicer settings to accomplish this? What are the most important configurations to nail to ensure the supports are firmly attached and provide structural support to the finished print?

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Posted : 14/04/2024 10:04 pm
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I did not read that contest, but I surely like the approach. So I started reading now: 
- Did not find a section "Best practice", so guess you have to do the "Trial and error" method. 
- One of the things I thought of myself, is to make the Top contact distance "0" so you have good adhesion . 
- Also so this example . Nice how the plate with holes is used to force the starting points of the trees. 

PS: Maybe upload your model, so we also look at it. 

PS2: I would not do 100% infill. The hollow pipes are very strong. 

PS3: Cut off small pieces of your sliced model, print them, just for testing. so it takes less time/filament for next step. 

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Posted : 15/04/2024 12:49 pm